Coursework Page

Although I just became a Children’s Literature minor last semester, I still find the classes that I have taken towards my minor are very interesting and something I could see myself using. I will be taking more classes towards this minor this semester such as: Intro to Literary Analysis and Literature for Young Adults. As I will be taking these courses I plan to try my hardest to really understand how to make the information given in the classes in my own classroom one day. While my major is in Liberal Studies, I find it important to not just “kind of” understand the material but to become and expert in knowing how to use the info successfully in an actual classroom. Working with children isn’t something you can “kind of” understand, you have to know what works and what doesn’t.


Relevant courses:

  • EDUC 245 – Human Growth and Development
  • MATH 309 – Numeration Systems
  • ENGL 382 – Grammar: Theory and Practice
  • THEA  448 – Integrated
  • ENGL 380 – Children’s Literature
  • BIO 114- Fundamentals of Life Sciences
  • ENG 150-  Writing and Research
  • THEA 433- Creative Drama Classroom