The LMS Committee now has 28 members.  All members volunteered to serve on the committee.  If you would like to serve on the committee and missed the application deadline, please contact Dr. Jeannine R. Perry ( before December 14.

ALL Longwood students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the LMS review.  The committee members will ensure that all portions of the review are completed, but all portions of the review (the presentations, the test environments, etc.) are also open to any Longwood community member through this blog.  Your input is essential in this review process.

Currently, the committee consists of:

6  students (4 undergraduate, 2 graduate),

12  faculty members,

10  staff and administrators from various departments across the university.

Faustena Ewing, CEHS- HARK
Karla Collins, CEHS-Education & SPED
Joanna Morrison, CEHS- HARK
Sarai Blincoe, CCCAS- Pschology
Amanda Hartman, Library
Virginia Lewis, CCCAS-Mathematics
Jenny Quarles, CCCAS-English adjunct & Co-Director Digital Education Collaborative
Thompson, Margaret, CEHS- HARK
Shannon Salley, CEHS- CSDS
Steve Whitaker, CEHS- Education & SPED
Peggy Agee, CEHS- CSDS
Randy Boyle, CBE

Cameron Patterson, Office of Disability Resources
William Tucker, IITS/DEC Instructional Design and Development
Vikki Levine, Registrar
Abigail O’Connor, College of Business and Economics Assistant Dean
Jennifer Green, Associate VP for Enrollment Mgt. & Student Success
Linda Townsend, Assessment & Institutional Research Assessment Coordinator
JaBari Scott, IITS Computer Operations Manager
Kim Redford, IITS Help Desk Manager
Nicholas Langlie,  Digital Education Collaborative Co-Director
Jeannine Perry, Dean College of Graduate & Professional Studies

Shelby Waugh, undergraduate student
Eric Whitehead, undergraduate student, Computer Science
Dustin Black, undergraduate student, Business
Adam Fletcher, undergraduate student, SGA Representative
Jeff Everhart, graduate student, English
Brittany Pendleton, graduate student, Community & College Counseling


All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit evaluation checklists and comments through this blog, but the review committee will take on a few more responsibilities to assist with this process.

Committee Member Responsibilities
Committee members must be willing to reach out to colleagues and peers, encourage their participation and input in the process, and bring that input back to the group discussion.  The committee members will not be responsible for selecting a product, but will ensure a comprehensive review is completed, data received from the campus community is analyzed, and a summary of results for each product is shared.

Specific Tasks:
1.  attend or review recorded session of each vendor session (Nov. 13, 14, 15 at 8-9:30 or 12:30 – 2:00)
2.  read vendor report & other materials provided
3.  try all three products in a test environment during november – early january
4.  complete evaluation rubrics for each product
5.  participate in or listen to recording of conference call with schools currently using each of the products
6.  attend 3 face to face meetings on the dates below:
Nov. 29                        3:30 – 5:00                                            initial meeting
January 10               11:30 – 1:00 lunch provided            review data meeting
Feb. 8                            2:00 – 4:00                                             tentative

Nov. 29 Agenda:  LMS Review Committee

Notes from meeting:  It was suggested that a list of questions be compiled by the committee to ask other universities using the LMS systems we are reviewing.  Please send any questions you would like to ask to Vikki Levine ( with “LMS Review” in the subject line.  We will compile these and use them as the basis for interviewing faculty, staff and students of other institutions in mid January.  We will certainly get the most unbiased responses from these sources, so let’s come up with a good set of brief, practical questions that will help us decide which LMS is best.
Two other suggestions made were to survey Longwood students regarding their ideas about a learning management platform and to set up a lab where we could test each of the lms products on various browsers.  Committee members are invited to follow through on these, or other ideas, as needed. 
The MOST IMPORTANT thing we all need to be doing between now and January 10 is checking out the ‘sandbox’/practice areas for each of the LMS products.  These are available on the blog site (, as well as evaluation forms specific to your experiences in the sandbox.  Sometimes these demonstration areas are limited in what they can do, but take a look and make notes.

Document (per Billy Tucker): Some Tutorials and Product Comparisons

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