The learning management system needs of Longwood span a wide variety of uses from simple document delivery in web-assisted courses to a comprehensive use by fully online classes.  The following list represents some of the mandatory functions and features that an LMS must provide its users to work effectively at Longwood.  Our Information Technology and Instructional Technology departments have discussed other criteria in addition to these.

1.  The system must be remotely hosted–it would not depend upon Longwood server space.  This should substantially decrease ‘down’ time and increase content back up.

2. Previously built course content, including content from current LMS Blackboard, can be easily imported into the system.

3. Basic integrated email allows communication between users and an integrated system for threaded discussions is available.

4. LMS has a system for creating and delivering tests and automated scoring of objective tests.

5. The LMS is capable of importing test banks from user created text files, third party exam generation tools, and publisher test banks.

6. Assessments can be conditionally released based on instructor-definable release parameters such as time, date, and prior performance on the same or previous test.

7. The integrated text editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

8. Assessments can be timed with a system to prevent or mark late submissions.

9. The LMS provides a tool to allow instructors to create assignments and to allow students to submit completed assignments including submission of user-created files.

10. An integrated calendaring system allows users to monitor course milestones and due dates.

11. The LMS provides an access level for system administrators, instructors, and students.

12. The LMS includes delivered options for integrating all pertinent Banner student/faculty/course/enrollment data.

13.  The LMS is appealing and inviting.  It incorporates current technology tools used by students and provides a relevant, working environment for students.

14. Users are able to access the system from Windows and Macintosh computers.

15. The solution is mobile friendly.

16.  The system can be used by instructors and students with a wide spectrum of technical skills.

17.  The company providing the system has a support plan for both administration and troubleshooting of teh LMS as well as support for users of the LMS including instructors and students.

What do you think should be considered when selecting a Learning Management System for Longwood?  Send your comments below!!  We need your input!!

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