I want to be in Health Administration because I like the idea of learning to manage a health facility. One day I want to open my own health facility that focuses on deaf children, where it’s a place for deaf children and adults to come for support and have regular checkups just like any other audiologist places in Virginia.


Dear Parents,

It is important that you encourage your children t engage in at least an hour of physical activity everyday. The importance of this is that it can decrease the chances for your child of developing any diseases such as obesity, diabetes and even cardiovascular disease in the future.

Here are some tips:

  1. walk around the neighborhood with friends or pet if have one
  2. jog
  3. play family based games such as tag, flag football, basketball, wiffleball, or soccer
  4. Have fun with it, get your kids moving just by getting them to walk outside and engage.

Behavior Management

List of developed behavioral management strategies:

  1. Be mindful of your own reaction
  2. Maintain rational detachment
  3. Be attentive
  4. Use positive talk
  5. Recognize your boundaries/limits
  6. Debrief after any incident

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