Teacher Research Electronic Portfolio


Section Criteria Point Value
1 Home page

  • Photo of you
  • Brief bio
  • A few sentences to set the reader up for your teacher-researcher portfolio
2 Evolving Research Question  

  • Record your teacher-research question
  • Write one paragraph detailing the evolution of your research question
3 Review of the Literature (pull from TA1 teacher-research notes)

  • Read 6-10 peer-review articles 
  • Record 3-5 sentences summary of what you read
  • Write the APA citation for each article read
    • Example:
      • Gilrain, J. (2015). Homer to Hip-Hop: Teaching Writing through Painting, Performance, and Poetry. Language Arts, 92(5), 328-342.
4 Cooperating Teacher Interview  (pull from TA1 teacher-research notes)

  • Record the question and your CT’s answer for each of the following 5 questions
    • How do you keep notes about what you are seeing in class?
    • What are your thoughts around that topic?
    • How do you use … in your classroom?
    • Do you have any books or articles you would suggest I read? 
    • Is there another special I should watch or teacher/administrator I should talk with to deepen my knowledge of the topic?
  • Make sure each answer is 5-10 sentences
  • If you did not get enough content during TA1, do a follow up interview in TA2
  • Using direct quotes from your teacher is powerful (optional)
5 Data Collection (pull from TA1 teacher-research notes)

  • List and share an EXAMPLE of at least 5 pieces of data you collected. Examples of data include:
    • Charts documenting progress in word knowledge, fluency, or reading level
    • Pictures of your tutee involved in learning activities (make sure to cover up your tutee’s face)
    • Videos of your tutee engaged in a learning activity (do not show your tutee’s face)
    • Audio of your tutee reading
    • Work Samples (original stories, word sorts, comprehension strategy samples)
6 Top 10 Research Memos

  • Include a picture of each research memo or a written transcript of what you wrote in each research memo
  • Research memos may include:
    • Notes about a peer-reviewed journal article you read about your teacher-research question
    • Observations you made in your classroom about your research question
    • New insights you are grappling with about your teacher-research question
    • Journal entries about your teacher-research question
  • Write one paragraph reflecting on the 10 research memos you collected. Write about your surprises, questions, and themes running across the 10 memos you selected.
7 Data Analysis 

  • Reflect on the peer-review articles you read and reviewed
  • Look at each piece of data you collected
  • Review your research memos
  • Write a 1-2 page paper explaining:
    • What did you learn about your research question?
    • How will this learning inform your future teaching?
8 Textbook Selections and Summaries

  • Include the names and APA citation for each of your selected 3 textbooks (Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing)
  • Include the research Memo you did for each book in which you shared through words or visuals your take-aways from the book
9 Teacher Research Reflection

  • Write a one-page, double-spaced reflection that includes:
    • Reflects on your identity as a teacher-researcher
    • How has it influenced how you teach reading and writing?
    • How has it informed your OWN identity as a reader and a writer? 
10 Fill out and post this rubric to assess your work  5/5
11 Thoughtfully share your portfolio with the group on December 5th

8 points on your EDUC 461 grade for TWS -2



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