I believe a cover letter should provide information that makes you stand out and unique from other individuals. A cover letter  gives you the opportunity to add more information about yourself than a resume can provide. Therefore, I added information about how school, work, and my personal life built the great skills I have mastered.

In my cover letter I talked about how I have developed excellent organizational skills, efficient planning, and building positive relationships with individuals.  These are common skills I might share with other individuals but I explain how I use these skills to stand out from other individuals. For example, I have excellent communications skills because of the classes I took at Longwood University and the caregiver position I have held for seven years. Therefore, the career I am applying for can see how I utilize this skill.

Overall,  I could have elaborated more on why I am applying for this job in Roanoke City. Providing information on why I desire to work at Roanoke public schools could help me stand out against my other competitors because they will know how dedicated I am to the job. Therefore, next time I will provide this information to stand  out against other competitors.


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