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The data collected above is from the zip code area of Farmville. This is data covering the households and families in the Farmville location during 2010. This information is sorted into main subjects, then subtitles. Therefore, to make the data more clear and clean, majority of the subtitles were deleted. This narrowed my graphs to focus on the main subjects.

Furthermore, I deleted the percent column and focused my charts on the overall number column. This held narrow down my data further and gave me cleaner charts. The pie chart is titled housing for zip code 23901. It has the subjects color coded with the colors in the diagram. This allows viewers to understand the data with a visual representation. The bar chart is titled housing for zip code 23901. It has the subjects on the left side, aligned with the bar length it represents. This is a clear visual representation of the data in a bar graph.

Overall, the pie and bar graph are great resources for viewing complex data. It is possible to break the information down further and into more specific subjects than just subtitles. This gives the viewers an overall collection of the information with a visual and table method approach.