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  1. October 21, 2019: ” Was not interested in doing her sight words today. I decided to take a different approach and get her to stand up. When she got the sight word right- she could do her favorite dance move. If not, she had to wait until she got one right. Note this: she loved it.”
  2. October 24, 2019: “Wanting to help her write her name since she was having trouble- decided to take the hands-on approach. I got some magnets and let her make her name with them instead of just writing her name over and over. I saw so much progress. She enjoyed practicing her name.”
  3. October 29. 2019: “Today we worked on reading comprehension. She got to act out a story and tell me about it. It kept her engaged and when asked about her story a few minutes later- she could tell me about it. She could not do this before!”
  4. October 30, 2019: “I notice that my cooperating teacher does too much teacher based assignments and activities. When I implemented my science lesson with hands- on building- their world lighted up. They learned so much and were much more attentive.”
  5. ┬áNovember 4, 2019: “I want to see what kind of partner- work I can come up with to create more kinesthetic learning activities. I want to adapt some of my cooperating teacher lesson and see if they work better for the students.”
  6. November 5, 2019: “I read a peer- reviewed article about learning languages. They found that kinesthetic learning helps students learn different languages faster.”
  7. November 7,2019: ” Tutee was having a bad day in her classroom, she was all over the place. I took her out for a brain break but asked her to find shapes in the building while we walked. She was super engaged and pointed out shapes correctly the rest of the day.”
  8. November 13, 2019: “Implementing a lesson today where the students were in charge of making their own classroom rules- they were so engaged. They got to make their own poster and present it to the teacher.”
  9. November 18, 2019: “Tutee made super improvements from when I first got her until now. I noticed that she flourishes in environments where she can be active.”
  10. November 19, 2019: “Found and article about how kinesthetic learning can help foster the cognitive and memory part of the brain, perfect evidence to prove this method of teaching.”

I noticed in all of my memos that I had positive results in every single one about kinesthetic learning. It worked extremely well for my tutee, but also when I implemented it as a whole class. I also found that many of the articles I read supported my research as well. Kinesthetic learning needs to be essential for students to learn and develop learning abilities. I also noticed a common theme that the movement and activeness of lessons helps the memory of students. I saw this in my tutee as well. I wonder what are some ways we can make sure teachers have the right space and materials to implement active learning? I also wonder what are some ways kinesthetic learning can become a collaborative learning method? Time to do more research!

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