Teacher as a Researcher

Data Analysis

At the beginning of the year, I was so confused why we had to explore a research question, but I have come to appreciate it on so many levels. I learned so much from exploring my research question. I learned that there are so many different types of learners in the teaching world and it is important that we find ways to reach all of them. Kinesthetic learning has always been a way that I flourished in my academics and I never thought there was enough of it in the schools. It is important that students who are not lecture students have those opportunities to learn and connect with the information also. I learned that there are so many students who need these kinesthetic learning opportunities. I also learned that the benefit of kinesthetic learning is lifelong because it helps memory and cognitive levels of students. In my future classroom, I plan to incorporate as much movement as possible. Kids are active and allowing them to be who they are in a safe environment is all I would ever want for them. Students should be able to explore and develop skills with their hands in the classroom. It should never be all lecture and worksheet based. I want to make sure that all of my students are put in situations, where I can see their best work and effort. I found that in my lessons, keeping the students active increase their engagement and helps them stay on task. Many teachers are currently having this issue today in the schools, but I truly believe that if teachers were more conscious of how information was delivered to their students, it could change. Allowing kids to be active in their learning also decreases behavioral issues. Students, especially in the elementary school age, need as much differentiation and engagement in the classroom because they can easily fall behind. I want to be a teacher who attempts to reach each student where they are at and develop their curriculum based on their needs. Most students in the lower grade levels just want to move and be kids. So, in order to, get the participation I want, kinesthetic learning is the way to go. There are just so many positives to kinesthetic learning and after doing copious amounts of research- I truly believe it is the best fit for my future classroom.

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