Teacher as a Researcher

Data Collection

There are different ways that I collected data to study my research question:


This is one of many activities that I did with my tutee. It is hands- on sight word learning. We would play a game out of this. I would put them on the ground and we would play bean- bag toss. To get points, you will have to say the sight word and if it is correct, she will get a point and vice versa. While doing this activity every week, I saw how much she was learning in such a short amount of time.



First attempt at reading comprehension with drawing and acting! My tutee was able to tell me what happened in our story of the week by drawing my a picture after we acted out the story! It improved her retention and she was able to relay what happened onto paper.



This is one of the ways I was able to test my tutee on her letter development. I used this as a formative and summative assessment.



My tutee hated reading! Well, on this day I introduced her to reading via vooks.com and it changed her entire reading experience. This became her favorite part of our time together. She ended up loving to read.



We always had fun telling stories, but they never got that far. I finally asked my tutee to act out a story and I wrote it down for her. Then, she was able to draw what she acted out for me. Kinesthetic learning and movement can do wonders!

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