This ePortfolio contains content from the English 400 course that I completed during the Fall 2018 semester at Longwood University. During this course, I was able to learn about different rhetorical strategies, investigating multiple perspectives on public issues, understand how to effectively create an argument based upon an intended audience, format my writing for a variety of contexts, and analyze the effectiveness of my own texts and rhetorical strategies. Looking ahead into the future, I can see where I will use all of this as a future teachers, especially as one who will be teaching music. Music is typically a subject that receives less funding than it typically requires. As such, I will be able to use the strategies to talk to the school board, parents of music students, and the general public to explain not only why the music department would need more funding, but also about the positive impacts that music education will have in the lives of students. I will also be able to use these strategies in the classroom in order to get the most out of my students by allowing them to think in the same manner in which this class has taught me how to think.