Common Good Project


This group project was one of two major projects that we did during the English 400 course with the other being the Rhetorical Analysis. For this project, groups were assigned and we were tasked with “creating a rhetorically effective (informative, persuasive, and visually appealing) multimodal document.” Once my group realized that we were all education majors, it was easy to decide that our project would be centered around education. After completing a little research, we decided to tackle the issue of providing equal funding for every student, regardless of their school division. This project touched on every Course Learning Outcome in a unique way. We investigated multiple sides of this argument to see what people would possibly be able to say that would counter our own argument, we choose appropriate formatting for various materials that were used in our project. The content of our website, sample speech, and brochure had to be different in order to make it appropriate for the various types of media that it would be used on. Additionally, we had to analyze our own text to see if it would be effective in persuading our intended audience to join our movement, and we also saw how ideas from both this course, as well as other general education courses, would allow us to become successful citizen leaders.

Attached below is a link to the website for our Common Good Project. All of the materials mentioned above are included on the website.