Tropical conservation

I have a few international collaborative research projects with scholars in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Ecuador on ecology, taxonomy and conservation of reptiles and amphibians, and illegal wildlife trade.

Adenomus - 1

One collaborative project focuses on ecology and conservation of critically endangered Kandyan dwarf toad (Adenomus kandianus) in Sri Lanka (Photo: Suranjan Karunarathne)

Collaborative Projects

1. Ecology, Taxonomy and conservation of Indonesian reptiles with Mr. Thasun Amarasinghe, Research Center for Climate Change, University of Indonesia (RG profile)

2. Ecology, taxonomy and conservation of amphibians and reptiles of Sri Lanka with Mr. Sameera Karunarathne, Nature Exploration & Education Team (RG profile)

3. Ecology of Giant Amazon River turtles in Ecuador with Dr. Carlos Mestanza-Ramón, Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo (RG profile)