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Hannah E. Taylor | 8616 Anderson Ave. | Marshall VA, 20115 | 11/29/2018

Dr. W. C. Peabody

Director of Instruction

Fairfax County Schools

8115 Gatehouse Road

Falls Church, VA  22042

Dear Dr. W. C. Peabody,

I am interested in applying for a position within your school system as an English Literature teacher. By way of the consultation group I’m a part of, I saw the job opening that was offered in your county. I’m genuinely excited to get in contact with you, as I’m eager to begin work in the field and fulfill my goal of becoming a teacher.

It has been my belief for most of my life that writing is power, and as a teacher it is my aim to transfer that belief to my students. To write is to be able to convey your thoughts to a reader, but to write well is to be able to move them. In our modern society, where we communicate by text so often, the ability to write is crucial to our ability to get ahead in the world. By using literature from the past as examples, I’ll give my students tools to use in their own future writing. Preparing students for life outside the classroom is what all teachers want to do, and I’m no different. We’ll analyze literature together, and use it as a guide to better our own writing. The world needs young people who can express themselves and their ideas, and I want to make it my job to help them. By looking at my sample work documents that I’ve included with this letter, I hope you understand my passion toward the subject of teaching, and what exactly I have in mind for my classroom.


Hannah E. Taylor



Hannah E. Taylor

8616 Anderson Ave.

Marshall VA, 20115

(540) 219-0645

An outgoing and reliable pre-service teacher with a love of writing and literature. Can efficiently put together lesson plans and explain writing concepts to students easily and effectively. Works well in a team or alone, and follows directions when asked.


  • Can write elegantly while still being able to make a point.
  • Can explain concepts to an audience.
  • Can format a productive lesson plan.
  • Can assess writing and literature.
  • Is comfortable talking to large groups of people.


  • Member of  Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta
  • Longwood University’s Dean’s List (4 semesters)


  • Longwood University, Farmville VA

Bachelor’s Degree in English, Secondary Education Liscensure

August 2016 – Present

Maintained steady grades with an overall GPA of 3.7.


  • Walmart, Haymarket — Cashier

June 2018 – Present

Could talk effectively with customers as well as other associates. Could flexibly adapt to accommodate the needs of customers as well as get along with them. Worked with customers to give them exceptional service. Communicated with a team of professionals to negotiate and work together.

  • Foster’s Grille, Marshall VA — Waitress/Cashier

June 2017 – August 2017

Provided quality customer service which involved responsibly handling money and fulfilling the needs of customers. Worked with a team of people which divided up work and relied on each other.


Sample Work Documents

Within this past semester I’ve written many different papers for the classes that I’ve taken. I think it would be appropriate to show you the ones that really exemplify my ideas for the classroom as well as my appreciation for the literature that I plan on teaching.

  • This first document is an excerpt from an 9-page research paper that I wrote for my class on Grammatical Concepts. I won’t make you read the whole thing, but I think this first section of my paper does a good job of highlighting the teaching methods I plan to use as well as how I like to explain concepts to my students (at least, when it comes to teaching students grammar).
  • To show you some of the literary knowledge I have to offer my students, I also have this shorter 5-page argumentative essay that I wrote for my British Literature class and plan on attempting to publish in the undergraduate research magazine Incite. I hope this provides you with some evidence of my capabilities to teach writing, as I think I know a thing or two about writing myself!
  • Finally, here’s an example presentation that I created alongside two other pre-service teachers that serves as an outline for a typical class period.
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