Gendered Toys – Funny Video

After reading about parenting and nonverbal forms of communication, you all will appreciate this funny video of a little girl discussing her opinion of the way toys are marketed to girls and boys! 

This is a great example of how people can challenge gendered norms and how parents/other significant role models can help shape children’s gendered identities.  I’m sure that someone had been talking to little Riley about playing with different types of toys before this video was shot!  It’s a great example of how we can make differences in children’s lives.

One thought on “Gendered Toys – Funny Video

  1. This is just wonderful! “Why” is a great question. One can certainly assume that she is being raised androgynously, which I feel provides more opportunities for the child. In the long run I believe she will be more accepting of people and less restricted by gender norms. Props to the father, not only for capturing the video, but for asking his daughter thought provoking questions about why things are the way they are.
    Someone needs to buy her a superhero toy, asap.

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