Hello! My name is Taylor-Erin Evitts and I am about to begin my second year at Longwood University in the Cormier Honors College. I am currently a Nursing major with plans to specialize in Neonatal Medicine. I have been interested in medicine almost my entire life and was always watching Discovery Health over cartoons and reading my mom’s old anatomy books. I was interested in becoming an OBGYN for a very long time until my mom brought me to her appointments when she was pregnant with my youngest sibling. From then on, I decided that I wanted to go into Neonatal Medicine, wanting to become a Neonatologist and later deciding that I wanted to go into nursing. I chose Longwood’s nursing program due to the program being all four years of school and the program being smaller than other colleges offering nursing. So far I have absolutely loved Longwood and cannot wait for the next three years!