Published December 28, 2018 by Elena Yonika

Hello, my name is Elena Yonika and I have had quite a bit of experience working with children.  I think this job is a very good fit for me because in both of my jobs I have instructed, coached and supervised children. I started to like working with kids when I was in high school during the early childhood academy class I took. I took this class for two years in a row because I really enjoyed the children and working on lesson plans. In this class, I thoroughly enjoyed helping children learn new things and found it quite rewarding. This class helped me understand how the students liked to learn in different ways using different activities and having hands-on action tied to their lessons.

When I was at Northern Virginia Community College I enrolled in a class that involved going into a school and working with a teacher. I loved the experience this provided working with the students and also to have that time to see how they learn and ways you can help them when they are struggling. I was able to work with first-grade students and after which I was very keen to work with children at that age because they don’t have any negative attitudes yet and they just love you.

When I retired from gymnastics competition my coach had asked me if I liked being with kids or working with kids and I had told her that I did. After about a year of not hearing from her she called me and asked if I would you like to work for her, of course, I said yes because I loved working with kids. I still work for my old coach today but not as much as before since I am off at school most of the year. But I work for her during the summer. When I started working for Spirit Pro’s I fell in love with it right away because of the children I worked with. When I first started working for the summer camp I knew it was going to be fun because I liked being with kids. I like working with all the ages and love helping them learn new dances and skills.

Overall, my experiences I had were just so rewarding and satisfying that I just can’t stop working with children. One of my favorite things about working with kids is getting to know them and seeing them succeed.  I just love being with children because they put a smile on my face.


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