Published December 16, 2018 by Elena Yonika

Classes I have taken at Longwood/ Only been at Longwood for a year now

Grammar: Theory and Practice ENGL-382

Children’s literature ENGL 380

Functions and Graphs Math 121

Numeration Systems Math 310

Conceptual Physics PHYS 103

Human Growth-Soc, Pol, Econ Ins EDU 245

Introduction to Ethics Phil 308



The reason behind this minor Is because they have helped me learn how to work with students at any age but also how to communicate with them. The Philosophy class has helped me understand that you have to teach students right from wrong which means teaching them if it is morally right or morally wrong. Also, this class has helped me teach students how to really describe something or a thing. For example, having them give me a definition of a ball, but also describing it to me. My English 380 class also help me learn to how to teach students how to analyze the characters and how they act and what the point of the book is supposed to do. Also, some of the books we read help the students learn a lesson and they help the students learn good from bad people. The books that are out there for kids do help them learn to communicate with others and teach them how to speak up for themselves. So as a teacher I want them to know that reading some books are good because they have lessons in them and then some teach people to speak up for themselves which is where the communication skills come in. Also having the students read more books will also help them learn to talk to one another about the books they read or someone else has read. The Edu class has help me work with students and understanding how they think and develop in different ages. The math 310 class has helped me help the students understand how they need to show their work and how they need to explain how they got their answer. This helps me, and the students communicate in an easier way. Overall, all my classes I have taken have helped me in a way so can communicate with students and also have fun with them. I still have more classes to take and I am really excited to get to know more ways to communicate with them.