Last week of classes

My last week of classes went terrific, I had lengthy final critique it was very long, and fun and I made a lot of ceramics during my time Italy, and I earned a B for the class, and my ceramic all reflected my heritage and my sorority so and photos, so it was a blast, Now my photo class went terrific the last week I earned an A in this class and took the most amazing images of the city. I took photos of the Piti place and the Uffizi and Pisa and duomo it was very incredible.

My 20th birthday

My 20th Birthday aboard was terrific. I had my last photo class all day, so that was fun. I got so many messages on my facebook and from the sorority that morning was jam-packed with messages. Then my night was so fun went to dinner with mom and sister and then went my surprise party that my sister threw me, and I also got a lot of presents from mom and sister, and I did mama mia for karaoke that night it was one best Birthday of my life.

Portovenere and la Spezia

My trip to Portovenere and La Spezia this past weekend was incredible and was very fun my sister and her Vcu class. We got on the bus in the morning it took a couple of hours to get there in the meantime my sister and her friends were looking for a place for us to stay in she found a houseboat for our stay in so we did but will get into the that later. So when got off the bus we got another bus to the city of Portovenere which was beautiful it had castles, and it had a rocky beach and water cave that we could swim in, and that was very fun.  I got to see a fantastic castle, and I took amazing photos of the water cave, and the castles that were there the city is so unique and nothing I have ever seen before. When we were finished swimming, we got a fantastic dinner with pesto sauces on it. Then it was time for robins class to go back to Florence while the robin, Sean, Annie and I went to our houseboat in the upper area of Portovenere we had a great the staying on the houseboat and we had incredible food too.  In the morning, we went to La Spezia to have a day to walk around and then we bought some food, and we had a picnic in one of the parks in La Spezia. Then we waited for the time to go the train to go back to Florence, we got the train station and headed back the Florence.








my Sunday at Pisa and Luca

So I took a Sunday to go to Pisa and Luca with the art history teacher. It was the first time I went outside the city and Pisa was terrific, I had always wanted to see the tower of Pisa, and I took a photo of myself pretending to hold the tower up It was cute and enjoyable. I saw scientist frescos on the wall and saw more architecture and the beauty of the ancient city it was incredible. I spent the mourning in Pisa and afternoon in Luca which also I ancient city and full of architecture and fantastic food and ancient sites and churches were incredible. I saw famous paintings that I learned about in my art history class at Longwood and had a great time in both cities.













Seeing The sites and taking first role of film

So my first trip was climbing the Duomo which was a hard, but fun and very narrow but it was worth it because seeing the city from such a high up was very incredible. Then I took a walk around the, capturing my first roll of film I took photos of flowers and the Duomo, churches, architecture. I visited the Ponte Vecchio, which is the famous covered bridge it so beautiful seeing the sun go down there I captured the moment with a film camera and my phone so that never forget that moment. I also saw the fake David at a castle in the square of Florence, seeing that was incredible and just walking around the city capturing a photo is what loved to do every night.

My first days in florence

On May 16th I arrived, I got off the plane and headed into the city to get my key from SACI to the apartment because I wasn’t really on group flight once there I was so tired, so I unpacked then took a nap. When I woke up my suitemates, and I explored the city. It was amazing. I saw the Duomo for the first time, and this place where the fake the David was and my suitemates and I got food to make for our Italian meal my suitemate made pasta. Seeing the city was one of the most incredible moments of my life it hit me that I was in a place that I always wanted to go to Florence since it where the renaissance started and the city is incredible. My first day was incredible, and my journey continued.

My first week of classes at SACI

So my first week of classes at SACI was terrific, I started with ceramics class on Monday the 20th of May. The first day I made a pinch pot with my hands that I turned into my Sorority cup. As my classes went on that week, I  sculptured my first project, my cat head and I made the place where I can be my self my sorority chapter room. As the week continued, I started my first photo class with Romeo. I learned the first steps to making black and white photo and learned how to use my film camera. I took my first roll of film, but you will hear about that in another post so overall the classes the first week and on were tremendous and I been learning so much each day.

The journey to firenze

My study aboard journey began on May 15th, 2019. I left Dulles airport first in the morning to catch a plane to JFK. When I got to JFK, I went to baggage claim for my bags; then I went to find my group flight mates. I waited in line for Swiss airlines to check-in for a long time I was so tired, but eventually, I got to check in and head off to wait for my flight to Switzerland. The trip to Switzerland took a couple more hours since I had to go through customs. I finally got on my plane for Swiss airlines, and it took me to Switzerland, which took a day; I made some more friends on the flight. Then I finally arrived in Switzerland. It was May 16th. But my journey was not over we got off the plane in Switzerland went through customs again and then waited around to find out where our gate was for our flight, and we waited until 10:38 Europe time. Then we found our gate under the name Firenze, then we went to our gate and waited until it was time to board. We got on our plane to Florence, Italy and landed. we got to a beautiful city in one hour and the journey had just begun.