• English 150 Writing and Research
  • English 400 Advanced Writing Seminar
  • English 382 Grammar Theory and Practice
  • English 381 Literature for Young Adults
  • English 483 Writing Elementary Classroom
  • English 209 Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • English 380 Children’s Literature
  • English 381 Literature for Young Adults
  • English 383 History of Literature for Young Readers
  • CSDS 206 Introduction to Sign Language
  • EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development
  • EDUC 260 Intro to Teaching Prof
  • EDUC 270 Practicum One-Week
  • SPED 389 Survey of Exceptional Children

These classes I took at Longwood University helped me get to where I am today. Because I want a Children’s Literature minor I needed to take a lot of English classes. My English classes helped me understand analyzing written text. Also, I learned fun ways to help teach English in a classroom. My favorite class was English 380 Children’s Literature, because I read books for children. Some books I remembered reading when I was younger and the class became a walk down in memory line. Other books I never even heard of, so finding and reading other books that children would read was fun and helpful in building knowledge of what books to have my future classroom library. I also took some education classes to help get a teaching background. They helped my learning about ways to assist students with special needs. I even took a sign language class, so I could understand more about the deaf community in case I have to deal with a student, who with a hearing problem. After taking these classes, I feel more prepared for my future.