About Me

My name is Christina Coate. I am studying liberal studies while minoring in children’s literature. As a Liberal Studies major I took many courses in different fields. Science, Math, history, and English are the four subjects I have the most experience in. I felt prepared when taking each class. The best way to look at life is do not get overwhelmed with all that life throws at you. It could be hard juggling everything at once, but that is what teaching is all about. Some days it is hard keeping track of all different subjects. I just think to myself if I cannot manage to juggle all subjects now; how will I be able to teach different subjects in the future.

I believe as a teacher that it is important to keep calm and keep trying. There will always be hard days that you will be “why did I choose this career”. But most days you will smile and think this is what I was meant to do in life. No matter how hard the day is or the work load you have if you keep smiling and having fun, you will get though anything.

I do not have any experience working for pay; however I have been a volunteer at a summer Girl Scout day camp, where I show off my leadership skills. I teach young campers new skills, songs and games, to me it is an outdoor classroom. I enjoy every moment of it. I take one day at a time and no matter how hard it gets trying to control the campers, keeping a smile on my face helps.