Post #10: Prewriting for Case Study and Kinross/Williams

Due by the class on 10/20

1)The purpose of your blogging this time is to produce some writing for your upcoming paper (the final paper is due by the end of the day on October 29). Use the guidelines for the Case Study of Visual Communication (see Canvas) to draft at least four paragraphs for your case study (they can be for any section of the case study: introduction/background, body paragraphs, or conclusion). Your paragraphs don’t have to be perfect: you can keep revising them until the submission deadline. You need to post at least four paragraphs, but feel free to draft and post more.

2) Also include the following in this posting: Review the readings for Tuesday’s class, and identify an idea or a quote from either Kinross’ article or Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book (chapters 6/7) which can somehow apply to your upcoming case study. Post the idea/quote, and explain (in 1-2 sentences) how it might apply to your texts or topics to investigate in your study. (The objective is to form links; you don’t have to eventually use the quote in your case study.)