Post #9: Case Study Proposal and Doumont/Williams

Due by the class on 10/08

This posting has two parts. You might want to check the prompts ahead of time and set aside enough time to complete your research, readings, and writing for this posting.

1) Blog about your idea for your upcoming Case Study of Visual Communication! In the first week of classes and during our class last Thursday, we discussed that you will write an 8-page conference paper to make an argument about how a specific term, idea, or concept (or terms, ideas, concepts) from our course readings and discussions this semester can be applied to the texts of your choosing. The texts (artifacts under analysis) don’t have to be visual entirely but should make a significant use of visual imagery and should provide you with enough substance to analyze in an 8-page paper. First, make sure you have reviewed the assignment guidelines posted on Canvas. In a few paragraphs, discuss the possible texts you will analyze (consider including some media in this posting), and identify the possible perspectives from the class you will apply to these texts, as well as the broader issue that you will explore through this analysis (hunger, education, gender equality, etc).

Be creative! Also feel free to skim the readings scheduled for the class days after the announcement of this assignment. If you are in doubt about readings that haven’t been discussed yet, you might want to stick with what you already know. But, don’t hesitate to explore possibilities! I will review your topic postings within a week to approve of your topic.

2) Review the readings for Thursday’s class. Identify a quote from either Doumont’s article or Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book, which can somehow apply to your upcoming case study. Post the quote, and explain (in 2-3 sentences) how it might apply to your texts or topics to investigate in your study. (The objective is to form links; you don’t have to eventually use the quote in your case study.)