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Post #2: Theorizing Visual Rhetoric

Due by the class on 9/1 Read Foss “Theory of Visual Rhetoric” and Bernhardt “Seeing the Text” posted on Canvas. -In your personal blog, create a new post where you present a bullet-point outline of both articles.  Make sure your outline addresses the questions: What is being argued in these essays? What are the main points …

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Post #1: Personal Introduction

1) Once you create your Course Blog, submit its URL to me (for example, my blog URL is by email. Please submit the general URL (e.g., rather than the URL for a specific post. Once I have received your blog URL, I’ll be able to see all of your posts. 2) Please title your …

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Welcome to ENGL 303: Visual Rhetoric!

Welcome to our course blog! This blog will serve as a medium for us to communicate about our course, which will allow you to explore how visual elements (verbal and graphical) work within different types of documents. Creative Commons image posted on Flickr by Andy Yen.