Real Stories Told by Real Women

Here you will find real heartbreaking stories told by real women about the difficulties that they have faced when trying to obtain approval for a tubal ligation procedure:

Jay Levine told her tubal ligation story to Darlena Cunha at Vice. Levine is 34 now, and still has not been able to successfully be rightly approved for a tubal ligation. Levine knew she didn’t want children and mention the tubal ligation procedure to her doctor first when she was 19, and her doctor denied her on the grounds of being too young. The second time she tried, Levine was 26, and was denied on the grounds of her husband being active duty military, and if he was killed during duty, her next possible future husband may want kids. The most recent time she was approved by her doctor, but only on the grounds that she had a mental illness and the doctor believed she shouldn’t have kids anyway (Cunha).

Difficulties with tubal ligations are even going viral on social media. Katii Bishop on TicTok talked about when she visited her OB/GYN to try and get a tubal ligation procedure. However, she was turned away during the first appointment for not having her husband there. When she did bring in her husband (who also did not want more children), the doctor tried to persuade her not to go through with the procedure still. The doctor even asked Katii what if one of her four children passed, would she want more children then and to replace them. This story is so disgusting to try and deny a women for a procedure that she wants done for her body. Not to mention that after this Katii did lose a child. How disgusting and cruel of a doctor to deny a woman in this way.

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