About Me

My name is Virginia Tam and I have a passion for the biological sciences of the human body.

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As a young, sprouting scientist, I knew which science books were my favorite to read and which episodes of science shows were the most interesting to watch. The information being taught always involved the cellular and molecular workings of the human body.  

The most motivational contributor to my journey’s successes has been the furry friend by my side the whole way. Pictured: Lulu Tam

My favorite docuseries was “Monsters Inside Me” which I was introduced to by my mother at the age of seven. The show introduced me to immunology and taught me about how the immune system fights off parasitic infections, further characterizing my field of interest. From then on, I pursued more knowledge about antigens and antibodies, cellular anatomy and signaling, and organ systems in my formative media. All these topics formed the framework of my academic identity as an undergraduate student, falling into the category I have since dubbed “tiny things biologists.”

Throughout my degree I have been chasing these physiological and anatomical studies as well as biochemistry and cell biology.  Medical laboratory science provides an avenue for me to learn more about these topics to my heart’s content and nurture the old child scientist in me every day. The first time I touched a microscope in middle school, I understood what I wanted to pursue in college and beyond. Within research settings I have found I genuinely enjoy finding effective and efficient ways to conduct trials and conduct common procedures. Overall, I take pleasure in looking at samples and gathering observations, as well as preparatory and analytical practices that go into collecting data. This showed me that my real calling is to be pursue being a lab technician; conducting the trials and taking the necessary observations brings me the most fulfillment.

"Chance is the first step you take, luck is what comes afterwards." -Amy Tan