BIO 114 (Pillar)

As mentioned earlier, I have never had an interest in science so when I saw the opportunity for biology online, I decided to sign up. Although this is an unconventional way to take a science class, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to create lessons for future students while taking notes from our professor. We learned about the animal kingdom and all the parts of cells. I got to do lab experiments at home which was super fun. My favorite lab from the course either the seed growing lab or the owl pellet examination. I loved this part because all the fun parts of biology are in the lab, so incorporating that hands-on approach with an online class was amazing. Each week we were given a module to complete and the course was lined out nicely. I was able to easily follow along with the course all while maintaining my job at home. I learned a lot from this course and hope to take some of the skills learned into my own classroom.

I have attached my report from the owl pellet lab and all my findings from it. I decided to include this lab because it was one of my favorites from the class. I learned how to dissect something and understand what comes out of it. I was able to discover what the owl was eating and how it affected the bird. This will be very useful to me in the future and will allow be to understand the world from a different perspective.

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