Thea 101 (Pillar Class)

When I first got my schedule in the fall, I was pretty surprised to see I was enrolled in a theatre class. I had never done theatre, and had never planned on doing any type of theatre because I hate being on stage. Lucky for me, when I finally went to my first theatre class, I learned it was more about the history of theater versus actual theatre. We learned all abut the different types of theatre, and the history of theatre. It ended up being a very interesting class that I enjoyed attending. We had a lot of presentations and speaking in front of groups which I thought was super helpful to prepare for my career path of being a teacher.We learned about different theatre techniques and how they used them in the classroom. We were required to attend the Longwood theatre acts that were put on by the school and evaluate them. One thing I really enjoyed about this class was that we got to go behind the scenes and see the stage before production. Overall, Dr. Campbell made this class into one of my favorites, and I hope to take a class with him again soon.

Attached I have included our first project which was to research a famous artist from the theatre business, and I chose to research Paul Gallo. Gallo is a famous lighting designer and he has a had a huge impact on the theatre world. This project taught me how to research about famous theatre icons some wouldn’t think of, and see how they impacted the theatre community.

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