French 111 (Pillar Class)

Growing up I always thought the language of French always sounded so beautiful. So, when I finally entered middle school, I decided to take French. Although the language is still so beautiful, I didn’t realize how hard it would actually be to learn a new language, especially one that is loved by so many. I survived these classes through high and middle school and thought I would never have to speak it again, but then I came to college. I tested into French 111, and I was so nervous because I hadn’t spoken French in almost three years. Madame Bowman was very helpful in easily entering us back in the French world and was willing to help students. I worked really hard in this class and attended weekly office hours to try and maintain my grade. I still struggled with fluently speaking the language, but Dr. Bowman saw my dedication and effort to succeed. I ended the class with an A- and I couldn’t be prouder of myself because I worked so hard for that mark.

Attached I have included one of my writing prompts from the class. Over the course of the class, we wrote four writing pieces all with different topics as a way to work on our French writing skills. Each time we had a writing assignment, I went to Dr. Bowman’s office hours and she helped me through the whole thing. These papers allowed me to get comfortable visiting teacher’s office hours and how to ask for help when needed. That’s what this paper I have attached represents and why I chose to include it. I am glad I learned this early on as it has benefited me greatly as a college student.

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