Table 2. Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) of child engagement by education level.

Educations                                                           Mean Engagment     F-value

Some High School and Certification                                1.86                  4.03

Some College and Above                                                 3.59

College Graduate                                                               5.52

Note: p<.05*, p<.01, p<.001

The dependent variable for this Anova was engagement of the child. This was asked in a 0-10 scale for the parents to answer with a survey. The independent variable for the following ANOVA was the education level of the parents. Respondents could select between three answer choices, “Some High School and Certification”, “Some College and Above”, and “College Graduate”. The mean of the educational level of Some High School and Certification    was 1.86, and the mean of Some College and Above  was 3.59, and finally the mean of College Graduate    was 5.52. According to the ANOVA which f=4.03, there is no significant difference between education levels and their child engagement.

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