Sociology of Family Violence

FLE Community Information Product

The purpose of this project was to create something that would help serve the community in family divorce. Our group decided to do our project on ways to prevent children from falling into the trap of divorce trauma. The target audience for this project is children that have faced a divorce. This product is appropriate for the audience because so many children have social media nowadays so it allows for easy access to our product.

Reflection on SOCL 351 Project

My knowledge and understanding have enhanced a good amount during my time doing this project because it taught me a lot about divorce and the trauma that comes along with going through a divorce. I think some of the ways we could improve the project is by putting more time into the Instagram page that we made and really making it look professional. I think some of the professional skills I developed during my time doing this project are learning how to work with a team when we all aren’t together, learning how to time manage and get everything done. The things that I did during this project was I created the instagram page and helped do research on our project.