Step 1: Define different classes with methods and the Key Concepts

SOCL-233 Social Inequality: Sociology Intro to Social inequality was a course that went to depth about the social world and the different inequality you will face during this time. Some of the different inequalities people face are social differentiation, social construction, social reproduction, social identity, structural inequality, and different social movements.

SOCL-333 Race & Racism: This course went in depth about the racial indifferences going on in society and talk about the inequality between white people and people of color. This course covered the topics of racial ideologies, slavery, housing inequality, and job discrimination. This course helped show how race and racism shape the world we live in today.

Step 2: Show three papers that reflect learning?

Step 3: Issues with inequality and how my views have changed

When thinking about race I don’t my views have changed much from taking these classses. I believe the majority of my views changed from my time attending an HBCU and seeing how being the minority feels. Being the minority is a terrible feeling and it made me want to involve people of color in more of the things I did while attending a PWI. The feeling of being looked at differently and being left out is a terrible feeling and it’s something that happens with all races just more often it happens to people of color. When thinking about social class I feel that sociology has a whole has changed my whole view on this. Learning about lower class, working class, middle class, and upper class and how it changes the way you perceive the society and the way you are treated in society is interesting. I feel that social class is something that will forever be hard to change however if you can make one small change during your time then were taking a huge step forward. When it comes to gender I found sociology interesting in the since of the opportunities and the perception you receive strictly based on your gender. I thought it was interesting when looking into why women are treated differently in the class room setting and how just because they are women there is automatically a label placed on them. When diving into disability I feel this is something that was left out over all of sociology. We rarely talking about how people with disabilities are perceived in society. The lack of attention people with disabilities receive and the way they are looked over strictly because of an issue they are born with or can’t control is disgusting to see. The problem with this is there isn’t much you can do about this problem. People will always have there opinions about certain things no matter how you feel. When talking about sexuality there wasn’t much in-depth conversation about this. We went over the difference between gender and sexuality but that was about it.

Step 4: How do you see views about issues effecting your career

I feel that the views that will greatly affect my career are gender, class, race, and disability. When it comes to how I feel these will affect my career I feel that my views of people with disabilities and people who were born into a lower class family have changed most, the reason for this is because people with disabilities are greatly overlooked and don’t receive the same opportunity because of something they are born with and not something they can control. The reason I feel the same way about people born into a lower class is because they aren’t going ot have the same experiences or the same connections that someone from an upper class family would have. This sometimes make you want to surround yourself by people from the lower social class because you know they have worked hard to get to where they are today.