Contemporary Practices in Communications

The most influential class I have had at Longwood so far is my Contemporary Practices in Communications course. In this class, I was able to take a closer look at what i want to do in the future in regards to my career. By putting my thoughts into words in various assignments, I was able to notice trends in what motivates me and how I like to spend my time. I was able to narrow down my interests and found that the Healthcare Administration field is where I want to find a career. In this course, I was also able to strengthen my resume, and I learn how to write a cover letter. I feel the most important task I was able to work on in this course was my LinkedIn profile. By making myself stand out on LinkedIn, I am able to connect with others in the Healthcare Administration field and build my personal brand. This class was the most influential for me by far and it has made me excited for what my future holds!