Digital and Social Media Technologies– I took this course my senior year and learned how to start a blog and then create promotional content for the blog for different social media platforms. I used Twitter and Faceboook to promote my blog about professional development for college students. Each week we used Buffer to publish or schedule the promotional posts and then we would review the analytics of our posts and make adjustments based on the analytics. The course also covered digital and social media technologies’ impact on journalism and media industries.

Public Speaking– In this course I learned basic public speaking skills, how to construct speeches, capture an audience’s attention, and use visual aids in presentations.

Introduction to Media Writing– In this course, I practiced interviewing different sources, researching topics, and writing news and features stories.

Digital Editing– I learned how to use an XF300 camera in this class, how to edit using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, and basic studio functions.

Principles of Sociology– This class opened my eyes to different social patterns across different geographic locations and different economic classes. I also learned about the effects of different social institutions like the education system, family, and religion.

Special Topics Communication Studies Course (COMM Lab)- I learned about the client/account relationship process by working with local organizations to produce a promotional video for them.

Media Production- In this class I developed my editing skills, learned how to use a JVC 4k camera, and practiced creating a news broadcast. We worked in the broadcast studio to learn how to use different equipment like a teleprompter, switcher, audio board, studio cameras and graphics software.