Media Writing

Waldy’s Ice Cream raises awareness for Down syndrome and autism

I wrote this features article for The Rotunda in November of 2019 after learning about a relatively new local family-owned business in Farmville. I interviewed one of the co-owners of the business and some Longwood students for different perspectives on what Waldy’s Ice Cream meant to them. This was one of my favorite articles to write because I knew that there were so many people who didn’t know about the business yet. I also thought their mission to raise awareness was inspiring.

Campus organizations are giving back this holiday season

Students come together to participate in unique and charitable causes in the community

I wrote this article for The Rotunda about different organizations who were giving back around the holiday season. I was inspired to write this story after I heard about so many different philanthropic initiatives that students were leading. For this article, I interviewed students who were involved in different organizations and unique service projects!

New food delivery service introduced to Farmville

In the article above, I wrote a news article about a new food delivery service in Farmville. I interviewed the owner of Wayfast for details on the business.

HLA sponsored protest to bring attention to DACA

In the article above, I covered an event held on campus by a student organization in support of DACA. I interviewed students and staff involved with the Hispanic Latino Association.