What is service in the Cormier Honors College?

Service is what makes the Cormier Honors College more than just an academic community.

It’s the fundraising jars at the front desk of Wheeler that fill up with change from the honors students representing their houses for a good cause.

It’s the Honors Preview Weekend, where dozens of students share their rooms in Wheeler with prospective students because they want to share just how much Wheeler means to them.

It’s the groups of students who volunteer around Farmville whenever the Honors College asks for someone to help, no matter how busy the students are.

It’s the Peer Mentors who dedicate their free time to making new students feel at home at Longwood and introducing them to everything the Honors College has to offer.

It’s the students who, instead of taking a well-deserved break, continue to work and spend their vacations helping with disaster relief or volunteering in places that need help.

Service is going above and beyond typical the typical responsibilities of a student. Service is being a citizen leader, and helping the community by being a leader from within.


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