What is scholarship in the Cormier Honors College?

Scholarship is what makes the Cormier Honors College honors.

It’s showing up to class on time, every day, ready to learn and think with an open mind and pencil in hand, and leaving with a newfound sense of knowledge.

It’s late-night study groups with your friends in Wheeler lounge, everyone taking turns pop-quizzing each other on vocabulary.

It’s putting 110% into every essay and assignment you complete and never settling for handing in something that’s only “good enough”.

It’s not being discouraged when you struggle to understand something, but working in any way you can to overcome it.

It’s sharing miscellaneous facts with your friends and family about things you learned in your classes because everything you learn, you want to share.

It’s coming back to your dorm room one day to find a Dean’s List or Principal’s List “7” from Princeps on your door under your name.

Scholarship is not more work, but different work. Scholarship is everything that honors students strive for in their education.


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