Your Feedback Needed: Library Web Redesign

One of the things we often hear from you is that our website is a bit outdated. We agree!

We’ve been working hard to put together a redesign, and now we need your feedback. So click around and let us know what you think! It’s still a work in progress, so pieces, like the guides, haven’t been fully updated yet.

We will incorporate your ideas this summer. While the website may undergo design changes between now and when we go live, we’re especially interested in if you can find the content you need.

Beta Website

Quick facts:

  • URL of beta website:
  • Estimated date it will go live? Sometime the first week of August, before the Fall semester begins.
  • Does it work on tablets and phones? It is responsive, meaning it is meant to work on all screen sizes.
  • How can I give feedback? Fill out our feedback form for anonymous feedback. If you’d like a reply, please email your feedback to

2 thoughts on “Your Feedback Needed: Library Web Redesign

  1. Dustyn Hall says:

    This new design and format is much easier to navigate. People often find putting everything on one page much easier but I like option and I think it is easier to see all of the main pages and then go to their sub-sections instead of having everything crammed on one page. Kudos to those who worked hard to create a new and much better format. Also, please ensure that everything is correct and that forms of contacting the main library are made available and are correct. Again, kudos and best wishes for a wonderful summer at Greenwood!

  2. Darnell Law says:

    The old website is better. Everything is on one page and you do not have to scroll to see parts of the site. This new site requires scrolling to see the bottom three areas: Contact Us, Upcoming Events, and Give to the Library. It feels like the site is going backwards rather than forward.

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