Look For This While Bass Fishing:

Bass fishing is known to be one of the most popular types of fishing due to the action and excitement that it brings. It has turned into a big sport where tournaments are hosted with professionals and get televised, and there are also tournaments that anyone else are able to join in and win money as well. However, Bass fishing can be very hard just like any other type of fishing. There have been thousands of baits and lures produced and created that are meant for different seasons, ponds, and time of the day.

A few of the main things you want to look out for would be the season and time of day. The season is very important because it depends when the fish will really bite and how big they will be. In the spring, it is the easiest time of the year to be able to catch a fish because they are spawning around the body of water. What you want to look out for are known as “beds”. This is where the fish lay their eggs and become very protective over this area, especially the females. The females are also bigger than males which make beds even more important. 

In the Spring season it is also important to throw a bait/lure that imitates a crawfish or worm. Throwing this bait onto a bed will immediately bring the bass over and almost certainly give you a chance to catch it. 

In the winter, it is much harder to catch bass. They are mostly not biting because they are going into a “hibernation” state where they are all full. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to catch them because when you do, they are usually a good size. One lure that is nice to use during the winter from what I have learned is a rattle trap. A rattle trap is a lipless crank bait that has beads inside to make a rattling sound and get the fish excited. One good color is a shiny white/chrome color to imitate any shad that are in the body of water. While throwing this you want to look for bait fish jumping around and throw it into the school and you will have a great chance at catching a bass. 

Other than the seasons, water clarity, water temperature, and time of day are important as well. The clarity can help decide which type of line you need so the fish won’t be able to see it. It also helps decide which color lure to throw. If it is clear, then it is easy to throw something white or blue. If it is dark, then you can throw a brown, green, red, or any darker color. 

This is my personal best (10 lbs) that I caught off a clear water bank with a watermelon colored senko.

The temperature is important because it can tell you the depth of where the fish are staying. If it is warm, then the fish will be lower because they like the cooler water. The time of day is important because the fish bite in the morning and late afternoon. Throwing a topwater lure, such as a frog, is crucial to these times of day because that’s the most time they will strike at it. If you heard the frogs chirping, then it is a good sign to throw topwater. Overcast is also a great time to fish because it gets fish in a biting mood. This is when you could throw a worm anywhere or any type of swimming or crank bait. However, when it is sunny, you want to throw something flashy that will catch the bass’s eye and imitate a shad swimming around. 

Other lakes and ponds can have a factor in being able to catch one too. Some lakes or ponds are stocked, which means that people placed the fish there. It is always fun to fish in a stocked pond because you are guaranteed to catch a fish, but some professionals look at it as a cheap way. 

Knowing which bait to throw is the most important of all. Each lure is meant to be used in a certain type of way such as a worm or craw being jigged, crank bait and swim bait being reeled, and frog being jerked. It takes time to learn how to properly work each lure. However, the easiest to use is a worm where you just have to reel it in and pop it along the bottom of the pond/lake, which they will bite at no matter what. Over the past six years I am still learning more and more about Bass fishing myself. This is why I think it is such a great hobby because the excitement and learning never gets boring.


Jan 2022
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