Restaurant Review: Lovells Place

There are countless places where I have gone to eat and sat there deciding if I would like to come back because of good service, good food, or just a great atmosphere. I could do multiple reviews on restaurants that I absolutely love, however I’m going to do this review where it hits right at home. Literally. Lovells Place in West Point, Virginia is a small bar and grill that was opened by Michelle Lovell in 2013 who used to own Damon’s Bar and Grill in Gloucester, Virginia. I have been going to Lovell’s since it opened because it is right down the street from my house and have loved it since. It is a very welcoming place and will always give entertainment with the dollar beer and karaoke on Thursdays. Many people that come through Lovell’s will be the usual crowd that you would see each time visiting since West Point is such a small town. 

Michelle is known to be the main cook of the restaurant and is one of the best in my opinion. They have a fantastic Bacon Cheese Burger, Memphis BBQ Pizza, Tsunami Shrimp, West Point Krabby Patty, and many more items on their menu. However, my go-to every time is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich with their homemade chips and ranch and also their Buffalo Wings. There are some restaurants where you could get the same meal and it would taste similar, but Lovells has their own taste since most foods are homemade with Michelle’s own recipes. You usually won’t hear any bad reviews from Lovell’s because of the friendly people that mostly know each other and great food that is served. Lovell’s also has their own Sunday brunch that they host with all homemade food. It may seem expensive when it comes to their breakfast food, but it has been one of the best breakfast experiences I have had with an amazing omelet, home fries, toast, and bacon.

Each time you go to the restaurant it fills you with happy bellies and emotions. Although, the food is not the only best thing at the restaurant. You can find many of the locals hanging out on the weekends drinking beer, playing cornhole and pool, dancing to great music and even having a birthday or party for a special occasion. The restaurant also has many bands, including my fathers, that play every once in a while. It has turned into the go-to place in West Point since it opened and has given everyone in this small town something to do for once. 

Lovells has always been a great place to get food and have a good time, especially when you are of age to have a drink. Something interesting will always happen on a weekend and will never be an upsetting experience. It has a great atmosphere and great food which is why I recommend visiting this small town restaurant that every West Point local will recommend to you.

Dec 2021
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