My first year of participation in the honors program was an adventure, but one of my favorite parts was the community I was indulged in. As for the general community, living in the North all of my life and then moving down to the South was a huge adjustment in my life. I was used to the fast paced environment of New Jersey, but Virginia was much calmer; there was a laid back way of doing things. The people in Virginia were much nicer as well, in New Jersey, and the north in general, people were arrogant. So, in short, the shift of pace and mood was refreshing.

Not only was the general community a change for me, the minute communities I was involved in at Longwood were amazing as well. I was lucky enough to be able to play Field Hockey here at Longwood and my team is amazing. My teammates lift me up constantly and they are a huge support system in my life. I sincerely consider some of them sisters. I was also involved in the Honors College here on campus, and it was a blast as well. I loved the opportunities to learn at an excelled level and the opportunities to serve my community with our community service. In the beginning of our adventure at the Honors College we were able to volunteer around town and I was able to volunteer at one of the local churches on High Street. The members of the church were so positive and kind, so it was a blessing to help them.


My artifact for the Pilar of Community is a photo of my Field Hockey team since they are the core of my life here at Longwood; I spend nearly every day with many of these girls, it is a huge privilege to play with them. This team always turns my mood around, even when I am going through a lot in my life; Field Hockey has proven to be a huge facet in my life.