When I was deciding on a minor I thought about my interests and skills. This led me to picking up a minor in communications. I discovered I communicate well between two parties and slightly more organized than most people. A communication adviser told me these are to key characteristics necessary for a public relations position. That’s when I made the decision to become a communications minor. Along with this decision came a very different class load from the liberal studies major I was originally pursuing. I have completed COMM 101 and COMM 200. These courses have helped develop me into an expert by teaching me how to gain the attention of a full classroom. I also learned very important words that describe the function of our society. These two courses have helped evolved me into a communications expert. While I have not completed my COMM 210 and COMM 280 courses, I am still developing important skills. My media and society class is teaching me how to decode messages society is fueling our minds with over social media. While my fundamentals of public relations class, is teaching me about constructive public relation research. Once I complete these courses, I will develop further expert skills in my communications minor.

Fundamentals of Public Relations COMM 280
Media and Society COMM 210
Public Speaking COMM 101
Introduction to Communications COMM 200

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