About Me Page!

I am writing from the position of a special education teacher. In this position, I assist students through their everyday life by teaching them basic life skills. I am also responsible for teaching students the curriculum needed to pass the grade level they are in with satisfactory. For my academic preparation, I need to have basic knowledge and structure on the material I am preparing for my students ahead of time. It is important to be prepared to teach students lessons who will have questions or not understand the material I am providing them.

My personal philosophy on leadership and work comes from my attitude and the example I set out for my students. If I am positive and continuously ready to work towards an assignment, that behavior I am demonstrating will rub off on other students to have the same mind set. My example as a teacher matters to my students! They will be influenced by my actions, my words, and my lessons through my attitude. I am responsible for their well-being by giving them my full attention and respect. This will help them become respectable leaders themselves one day.

I worked as a hostess at a restaurant called Chilis. Everyday I went into work with a positive attitude because I wanted to make good money. However, my money depended on the servers and what they would tip me out that day. Therefore, I had the same philosophy on leadership and work today as I did then. I would help my fellow employees work hard by showing them a positive attitude and motivate them to work hard. I would do this by encouraging them through words or busting their tables fast, so I could seat them with new customers. It is important to have a good attitude while working as a hostess, server, or in a more professional setting as a teacher. Every job requires hard work and professional philosophies to make it through each shift.