Methodology Courses

Soc 345, Soc 220, Soc 222,

Soc 345: In this course students learn the logical basis for conceptualization and research in sociology and criminology. Research design, concept formation, data collection, data reduction, data analysis, and data interpretation are studied. Students learn how to design and conduct both basic research and applied research. Methods of conducting program evaluation are emphasized. In this course what I learned is how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research reports.

Soc 220: The interplay of societal forces and self are examined in this course. Attention is given to such topics as: self in society and society in self; collective behavior; mass movements, public opinion, propaganda and the mass media; group processes; socialization and social psychological aspects of social structure. In this course I learned about qualitative and quantitative research and the similarities and differences between the two.

Soc 222: In this course, socialization is examined as a reciprocal process between parents and children/adolescents and other social institutions. Topics that will be explored include transitioning to parenthood, infant and child development, attachment theory, parenting practices and stresses, family structure, the changing of dynamics of parent-child relationships across a lifespan, and the influence of gender, race, and socioeconomic status on family dynamics. In this course, I learned how to collaborate with group members and members from another course.

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These courses I have taken here at Longwood will be extremely beneficial going forward into my career and life in the real world. Since I am considering being a secondary teacher, knowing how to conduct and analyze research will be very important. When I am presenting information to my students I want to make sure the data is accurate and not bias. These courses, especially Soc 222, taught me how to collaborate with the people around me which will help me communicate with other teachers for this job. I also learned how to work with children better and learned certain approaches in that class that I see myself using throughout my time as a teacher.