3 Papers From Past and How My Writing Has Changed Over Time

3 papers:




Through my time here at Longwood, one thing I believe I have improved on greatly since I first arrived is my writing ability. There are many reasons this is the case. Taking writing and rhetoric my freshman year gave me great insight as to what college professors look for in papers and I also learned how and when to site sources. I have also been able to take advantage of our writing center and peers I have met for writing tips and ideas to make my papers the best they can be. Having these experiences, meeting people, and practicing my writing has improved my writing greatly in my opinion.

When I first started writing in college, I tend to just wrote what made sense and what was on the page. Now, I find myself going to multiple sources for information to see if what I have is actually accurate. I also find myself more invested in my writing, for example, I am willing to spend more time to get a good grade than I did at first. I’ve learned it takes time to find the best information and papers that are rushed lack lots of important detail. I also believe my writing has become more sociological since I am more aware of human behavior influencing relationships, norms, etc.