InVEST in STEM Scholars arrive in FALL 2024!

Until then, here is what some of the amazing alumni of Longwood’s secondary STEM education programs are up to out in the world!

Congrats to the Kempsville High School 2023 Teacher of the Year – Mrs. Lauren Sexton. Lauren, a 2012 graduate of the secondary mathematics education program at Longwood University, is an innovative math educator who teaches a Geometry project-based learning class. Lauren is a Kempsville alumni who has returned to her alma mater and made a notable, positive impact on the Kempsville community. Congratulations, Lauren, we are so proud of you!

Lauren says, “Longwood University’s teacher preparation program helped me immensely in preparing for my career in education. One of the most crucial aspects of the program was that it put me in a classroom setting right in the first year. This experience was vital in understanding the challenges and rewards of being an educator. Collaborative learning was highly encouraged, and the professors were very supportive of open communication and resource-sharing among students. We were able to reflect on our lessons and improve them by learning from each other’s experiences. This program also taught me that striving for perfection is not necessary, and it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. As an educator, I believe that learning is a continuous process, and Longwood University helped instill this belief in me.”


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