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Journal 2

Since the start of my internship, I have learned a many things. First, I have learned that parents are not forth coming with information regarding their children such as disabilities and behavioral issues they have had at home. Many parents cannot accept the fact that there child is has a problem, which prolongs the visits to see a specialist to get help. Another thing that I have learned since the start of my internship is that a majority of the work completed will be done the day before and will constantly be changed even after it’s complete. We have changed the official summer camp schedule more than five times since the start of summer camo two weeks ago. This has helped the counselors become better at time management and helps navigate the day better.

I have also faced many challenges since the start of my internship. One of the problems that I have faced is by dealing with an older lady on the farm named Ashley. Ashley and her daughter, Summer, were in charge of the summer camp program last year. This year, I stepped in to help with Rendy, my site supervisor and the director of education on the farm, to help revamp the camp with many new state rules regarding summer camp. The goal for this year’s summer camp was to keep the same concept, but to load more education into the animal classes and change many of the free times in the schedule. Ashley hasn’t been accepting of the new rules and changes and has been “referring to years past” while having conversations about camp. This is a challenge because we are trying to update the camp and not do what we have in the past.

These experiences from the past two weeks are going to help me seek a future career because I have interacted with over 100 parents and communicated with them daily about their child during pick up and drop off. I have formed bonds with these kids and many of the parents have given me there business cards for references in the future. Hunt Club Farm is a great resource to branch out and find others during the beer festivals also.