© 2018 Conrad Brinkman

Journal 1

The internship that I have received is at Hunt Club Farm this Summer. I will be doing two tasks while at this internship. I will be assigned the role of Senior Counselor of the summer camp for 9 weeks. I will also be assigned the role of running the many beer festivals that are held on the farm during the summer. I will be reporting directly to Rendy Richards every morning on the farm. She will act as my on-site supervisor during my internship. Rendy’s role on the farm is the office manager and she is also in charge of all things education. I will be at summer camp each morning at 7:30 to ensure that all proper documentation is printed for the children to arrive on the farm and sign in properly. I will also be in charge of splitting the children into the two main groups for the week based on age and if they are siblings or friends. I am expected to ensure that everyone is following the rules and responsibilities of summer camp. I am to ensure that the staff is on task at all times and nobody is straying away from their duties. I will also would like me to conduct weekly one-on-one meetings with the staff to discuss the week and to find and concerns or conflicts in the staffing. I will make sure nobody feels out of place. I will also make sure that the staff is always on time and clocked in no more than ten minutes early. If a staff member does show up late, I will let them sign in and notify rendy so that we can keep a record of how many times the individual has been late. I will also be responsible for creating press releases and handing out brochures to all the local elementary schools. I will also be the primary field contact while summer camp is about the farm. If a counselor has an issue, they would radio to me and I would help fix it right away.

I have multiple skills that I will be using while on the farm this summer conducting my internship. I will be using my time management skill in order to get all of the pre-camp/ pre-event work completed. I will also be using my skill of being an over-achiever in my internship. I am always prepared for any task and am over-prepared most times. I arrive to work/events 30-45 minutes early in order to prepare myself for the daily tasks.

I will be hoping to gain many skills during this internship. I will be learning how to delegate task to the many people that I will be overseeing. This will help me become less stressed and maintain a positive attitude during the summer.