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SHAV Conference 2017

FullSizeRenderOn March 23-25th, I had the opportunity to attend the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) Conference for the third time. I look forward to meeting up with peers, networking with other speech-language pathologists, and learning new information each year. This time, I attended a variety of sessions about managing a school case-load, early intervention, pediatric and adult dysphagia, writing, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and fluency. I attended four session by Vivian Sisskin about making a differential diagnosis for stuttering versus other types of disfluencies, as well as an up-and-coming approach to treating stuttering called Avoidance Reduction Therapy. I liked attending this year more than previous years because, now that I am finally in my externships and looking for a job, I can directly relate what I am learning in these sessions to my clients.

SHAV Conference 2017

Me (on the right) and my graduate student friends at the SHAV conference

Me (on the right) and my graduate student friends at the SHAV conference.

On March 23rd,24th, and 25th, I had opportunity to go to the Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia conference thanks to a generous contribution from the CGPS. While at the conference, I learned a diverse array of information pertaining to the field of speech-language pathology about topics including, desensitization to stuttering, the use of applied behavior analysis in autism, the classification of speech errors in articulation and phonology, the language of poverty, and the use of different viscosities in barium swallow studies. My favorite presentation was about how stuttering can be better treated by using techniques to decrease fear and anxiety. I appreciated how the presenter Vivian Sisskin, used videos to show the incredible progress her clients made in a very short amount of time. As I am interested in working in the school system with K-3rd grade, I know this information will be beneficial for me as a practicing clinician when treating children who stutter. I am excited to attend the next SHAV conference in Williamsburg, VA and learn more about the field of speech-language pathology!


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