IMG_3525Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) annual conference, which was held in RIchmond, VA this year. At this conference, I made connections in the professional field by volunteering to serve at registration and to assist with any other needs during the conference. For instance, I made some connections with teachers in a local school district where I am from, interviewed with them the following week, and am happy to say I am employed! This conference was such a good networking opportunity as a student, but as an outgoing student, soon-to-be clinician, it was also an educational opportunity as I attended several seminars on various topics within the field of Speech-Language Pathology of which I was interested. For example, I attended a seminar on bilingual students and learned how to better served them based on their cultural and linguistic differences and preferences. I look forward to attending SHAV 2018 as a Speech-Language Pathologist!